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Behind the Lens: Meet Bailey

    My name is Bailey Lashells and I am the owner/lead photographer of Lashells Photography.  I was born and raised in Palm Beach County, and am proud to operate my business in this beautiful area I’ve considered home all of my  life.  I also work throughout are state, and travel for events around the U.S.  I absolutely love everything about Photography.  I have spent years 

learning all the "in's and out's" of this business and I can guarantee you I have the training, professionalism, equipment and expertise you need in a photographer to capture your “Once in a lifetime moment’s”.  I believe 

that everyone deserves to have professional photography for the special moments in life. Even more 

importantly I feel it should be affordable WITHOUT sacrificing quality, which is why I have always said Lashells Photography is "Where Quality meets Affordability".  I feel the "you get what you pay for mentality" is way overrated, because quality photography does not have to cost "an arm and a leg".  Thank you for checking out my site and look forward to 

hearing from you in the near future. I am happy to answer any questions you may have.

Bailey Lashells

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